Kent Town Stobie Pole Art – Project Brief for Stage 1

Project Background

This collaboration between the Kent Town Residents Association (KTRA) and Prince Alfred College (PAC) aims to develop and connect art to stobie poles in Kent Town near PAC.

The Kent Town street scape has particular significance to public art projects since the suburb has no public green open space or parks. The Stobie Pole Art Project is an opportunity to aesthetically improve the Kent Town public realm, to facilitate the growth and vibrancy of the community, and further develop a sense of pride and community engagement.

The KTRA has expressly indicated interest in Public Art.  The A Liveable Kent Town: Our Plan, led by the KTRA and developed collaboratively in 2020 across Kent Town, states that we seek to “use public art to enliven and create a sense of place with opportunities for creative arts and cultural expressions for all people” and it specifically refers to “the Kent Town Stobie Pole Public Art Project.”

It also aims to “develop a pool of art sponsors and funders including partnership and funding opportunities with NPSP Council.” (p.6)

The Stobie Pole Art Project has an application pending for community funding with the NPSP Council.

Kent Town has been established into three zones, with Zone 1 being addressed in 2021.

In Stage 1 there are 81 poles of which 57 have been approved by SA Power Networks for use.

It is envisaged that approximately 48 works of art will be chosen from the student submissions over the course of 2021 to be drawn from. 


The main themes for this Stobie Pole Art Project so far are:

  • History – historical people, buildings, events, streets, etc of Kent Town
  • Community – an inclusive representative of the inhabitants and visitors to Kent Town, past and present including Kaurna representatives.
  • Nature / Greening of Kent Town – creeks, hills, native trees, flowers, animals, birds, etc of Kent Town

Click here for the 2021 (unsuccessful) application for funding from the NPSP Community Grants program which further describes the intentions of the project.