Kent Town-specific information

Distances and trees Kent Town.xlsx (Baker file)

NPSP Council: CityPlan 2030: Shaping Our Future Update 2017: 
Some NPSP references to  Kent Town:

The 202020 vision plan:


 Quantifying tree canopy cover change within the City of Norwood Payneham & St Peters. I-Tree Canopy Analysis.

iTree canopy change Final report 31-01-2018.pdf (Baker file)

Where are all the trees?

Martin Ely (2009) Planning with trees in mind, Australian Planner, 46:3, 16-19,

DOI: 10.1080/07293682.2009.10753404 (

Burnside Urban Forest Interactive:

Benchmarking Australia’s Urban Tree Canopy: An i-Tree Assessment, Final Report:

Roofs, walls and facades

Growing Green Guide for Melbourne Project: (

Climate change

Resilient East – Climate Ready Eastern Adelaide:

Climate-ready communities :a guide to getting started:

Citizen Science

Ten principles of citizen science:

Citizen Science Tree Inventories. Can Field Crews Telecommute? Varied Data Quality from Citizen Science Tree Inventories Conducted Using Street-Level Imagery:

Data quality in citizen science urban tree inventories:

Using Mobile Phones to Engage Citizen Scientists in Research: