Heritage Places

The definitions that make up the types of heritage listed properties can be found here.

With respect to a map of heritage places, Kent Town has State and Local Heritage Places but does not have Contributory Items. At the time that the NPSP Council wanted to specifically identify Contributory Items in Kent Town, the State Government were not permitting additional Contributory Items. Some of the buildings that might have been considered Contributory Items have been included on the map as Buildings of Interest.


Historical and descriptive information on this page is based on the Kensington and Norwood Heritage Review by Mark Butcher Architects published as PDFs on the South Australian Government website https://data.environment.sa.gov.au/. This document was first published in June 1995 and listed buildings that were important enough to be considered for inclusion in the Local Heritage Register. The actual SA Heritage Register of both local and state heritage Kent Town building can be viewed by clicking here.

Those buildings that were included in the Review but did not make the Register have been added to the map as Buildings of Interest.

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Information on the State Heritage Register buildings has partly come from a brochure entitled Kent Town Historical Walks. Click here to view an online version of this document. Other information is from the Australian Heritage Database and 2-Kensington-Norwood-Heritage-Survey-Stage-2-1985 (10 MB).