Social Housing & Dr Kent’s Paddock

Dr Kent’s Paddock was nominated in 2020 for Heritage Listing in SA. (click here to view or download Dr Kents Paddock heritage-register-nomination-form).

At the 2019 KTRA AGM, Architect Michael Pilkington made a presentation about the history and the architectural and heritage value of Dr Kent’s Paddock.

The continued existence of the Housing Trust at Dr Kent’s Paddock is valued for many reasons, such as:

  1. the importance of low-cost social housing close to the city and associated services;
  2. the disruption to people’s lives and their established social and infrastructure networks if they had to move;
  3. its existence contributes to the physical and social ‘mix’ that we and others profess to value as an intrinsic aspect of the Kent Town culture;
  4. as a treed area it provides a valuable contribution to the Kent Town environment, in fact it is the area with the densest tree environment in Kent Town. The trees were established since about 1979, that is 40 years ago.

Update from Newsletter 6.

The campaign to save Dr Kent’s Paddock from development received a boost in late October 2023. This response from the SA Heritage Council was sent to everyone who made a written or in-person submission and explains the decision.
At its meeting on 19 October, the South Australian Heritage Council confirmed Dr Kents Paddock as a State Heritage Place in the South Australian Heritage Register.
The Council considers that the Place meets the following criteria for ‘heritage significance’ under Section 16(1) of the Act:

(a) it demonstrates important aspects of the evolution or pattern of the State’s history.
 (g) it has a special association with the life or work of a person or organisation or an event of historical importance.
Any appeal must be made within two months of this decision.

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