In the past three years, four developments have been completed comprising about 300 apartments/rooms (East Park, La Verde and The Palms in King William St and the PAC Boarding School on The Parade West). 

There are four other developments being constructed now (two in King William St, and one each in College Road and Little Grenfell St).

The Kent Town Hotel redevelopment is commencing in the next month or two.

There are nine other sites which are pending commencement (in Rundle St, Little Rundle St, King William St, College Rd and North Terrace).

 This means that within 200m of the Kent Town Hotel development, there are two developments being constructed now and six other developments to commence. That is, there are nine developments under construction or proposed within 200 m of each other in Kent Town and six others (being constructed or proposed) elsewhere in Kent Town.

 In summary, there are 19 developments being built or proposed and four others completed in the past three years across Kent Town. That is HUGE change.

These developments can bring vitality and new residents to Kent Town, but residents should have access to the details and be involved in discussions about them. We don’t seek to resist but to work with developers and levels of Government for the best result for us all.

The KTRA is researching the details and implications of these developments. Watch this space – better yet, join the Association.