Developments and Heritage Preservation

This page consist of three themes:

Planning rules

This relates to both Development and Heritage Preservation rules that will affect the preservation of Heritage buildings and landscapes in Kent Town:

Planning Zones in Kent Town is very important because it explains the existing Planning zones and rules. It explains the zones and policy areas that are in the NPSP Council Development Plan. They paint a picture of the type of development that exists or is anticipated in the Kent Town area.

Draft Planning & Design Code 2020

This refers to proposed planning and design rules that the State Government wants to introduce; the views of Councils and Resident groups across SA; and the KTRA submission to the proposal.

Elsewhere on the website is a related file called Kent Town Precincts and associated Zones and Policy Areas (to be completed). KTRA has characterised Kent Town into six (6) precincts to enable citizens to address their own smaller residential locations. You can see how the precincts, zones and policy areas overlap and see a link to maps. Their boundaries are largely the same.

Development matters

Building Developments in Kent Town talks about the number of developments happening in Kent Town. Map of Property Development enables you to click on a map showing these developments and their photographs and information about their development application.
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Heritage Preservation

This relates to Heritage matters:   State and Local Heritage Places in Kent Town which explains what a heritage listed property is, and contains a map on which you can see where these are and photos of what they look like: and the other which relates to Historic buildings, called Historic Walks and Buildings in Kent Town, is drawn from a brochure called Kent Town Historical Walks. You can see more about historic places in Kent Town by clicking the button below.