Age Friendly Kent Town project

The KTRA undertook the Age Friendly Kent Town project to improve services for all residents of Kent Town, but particularly for our older residents, people with disabilities, and for children and their carers. 

The project was undertaken by Social Work students of UniSA who undertook research to support the development of a Kent Town Age Friendly policy, including designing and implementing a survey (in partnership with the KTRA) for use across Kent Town. The survey included a demographic analysis of older Kent Town residents, which also identifyied (anonymously) their locations.

The policy was developed based on the results of these Kent Town surveys as well as literature about age friendly policies elsewhere and recommendations about integrating the policy with the goals of the A Liveable Kent Town: Our Plan.

The project culmated in the stage 2 report – An Age Friendly Kent Town.

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Street Bench-seats

Late last year, KTRA surveyed residents of College Green, the Eldercare Retirement village located in Grenfell Street, about improvements they would like to see in Kent Town.  One of the items…