Executive Summary

This Executive Summary uses a table to present the 50+ things that residents want and the streets in which they are needed. On the table are the page numbers in the plan where these are discussed.

Our next steps are to negotiate with funding and prospective partners to achieve these wants.

The information comes from various consultations and activities carried out involving residents in the past year since the KTRA was constituted.

The progress will be reported quarterly, and achievements in-between time will be communicated promptly.

The Plan will be reviewed and updated in 2021.

We welcome your comments and suggestions.

To download the full Kent Town Liveable Plan:

please click here.

Revision History

Revision: # 01
Date Issued: 28/7/2020 


Kent Town Community Vision

Kent Town is poised for change and the community wants to ensure that changing the public realm builds on the great qualities of the neighbourhood and can contribute to making it an even better place to live, work, shop, create and play.

Our vision is that Kent Town will:

  • Be revitalised through a balance of commercial and residential development, providing lively and active streets, safe and interesting laneways, and tree-lined, health promoting public spaces.
  • Be inclusive, socially just, accessible and welcoming, with public realm features being open to, and utilised by, people of diverse incomes, ethnicities, orientations, ages and abilities. In addition, new or improved public spaces should feature good design, good maintenance and good management; attention to the creation of public space, its ongoing upkeep, and quality of management will be key to ensuring vibrant public spaces.
  • Become a community village with a central vibrant hub, medium/high density housing and small businesses amongst green streets, reclaimed pocket parks and open space, with a smart digital economy,  transport solutions and preservation of character buildings, trees and gardens.
  • Be active in efforts to mitigate the effects of Climate Change and achieve a greener, healthier, happier community.

We wish for a suburb with a community heart and accompanying community facilities, which Kent Town lacks.

The suburb must not be left to random effects from incoherent building style and scale, uncoordinated urban design,  movement and car parking.  Planning policies and market demand for different dwelling types will not provide a  coherent street look in terms of bulk and external materials, and unregulated multiple developers is also a problem.

A successful medium to high-density housing community requires more than that.

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