Welcome to PKTA.org

Over 40 years of preserving the lifestyle of Kent Town

The Preserve Kent Town Association began over 40 years ago to
preserve the lifestyle of a highly sought after place to live and work,
and one of the most historic suburbs of Adelaide.

Current concerns relate to the loss of historic buildings and
maintaining a balance in the human scale of developments, i.e.
sufficient car parking for businesses and residents.

To preserve the historic and cultural identity of Kent Town
design needs greater consideration, otherwise Kent Town will become a
generic suburb and loose its uniqueness. We welcome new members
interested in providing a voice for Kent Town to lobby for preservation
of its historic look and cultural identity.

Contact us via email now — contact@pkta.org

The Preserve Kent Town Assocation (PKTA) was formed in 1975. Its aim is to preserve the historical character of the area, maintain its blend of residental and business premises and ensure that new developments are appropriate. Read more about the history of
the association here.

Zurich House, Dequetteville Tce.

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