Kent Town is Changing

Kent Town is shifting from from a historically significant and creative precinct with a small  but diverse residential community, to a higher density, mixed-use precinct.

Considerable development is being planned within and adjacent to Kent Town.

Kent Town Residents Association Inc.

KTRA has been established by a group of residents who care about Kent Town and are concerned for its future in the face of rapid change.

KTRA represents and acts on behalf of Kent Town residents, to maintain and improve the living conditions, community well-being and amenity of the place. The Association is concerned with planning, development and environmental issues that may impact existing and future residents as well as those who visit, work and recreate in Kent Town.
The Association is also concerned with preserving and promoting the desirable historic, architectural, social and cultural features that support Kent Towns identity as an authentic and creative precinct.
KTRA is a non-partisan, membership-based organisation. KTRA has incorporated Preserve Kent Town Association (PKTA) that has advocated for preserving the historical look and cultural identity of Kent Town for the past 40 years. KTRA is a member of Community Alliance SA.

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