Minutes of the 2023 Annual General Meeting

Held on Tuesday 22 August 2023 at 11:30 AM at the St Peters Town Hall meeting rooms, 101 Payneham Rd, St Peters.


1.       Welcome.
Meeting declared open.
Mike welcomed everyone to the meeting. He explained that KTRA meetings are a simple format.
Minutes of the AGM for 2022. Approved without dissent.

2.       David Shores gave the acknowledgement of country.

3.       Attending: Mike Connolly, Kate Eatts, Ian Pascoe, David Shores, Janet Shimmin, Von Stanley, Katherine and Barry Sheridan, Andrew and Barbara Fergusson, Sue Whitington, Grant Piggott, Rosie Darlilng, Elaine Rischbeith
Apologies –Michelle Kealy, Peter Moore, Serena Ann, Margaret Faulkner, Vanessa Spaans, Amy Kane, Crystal Mex and David Baker ( who is meeting with Minister Susan Close re Heritage Listing of Dr Kent’s Paddock

Proxies on hand – Serena Ann, Margaret Faulkner, Amy Kane, Vanessa Spaans, Monica Connolly

Mike thanked the Council, Councillors, sponsors, committee, members and residents of Kent Town for their support.

4.       President’s report

The President’s report was distributed with the agenda –There was discussion on the three main items – recycling project, stobie pole art, UniSA students assistance with their studies

Motion: The President’s report be accepted – moved David, seconded Kate

5.       Treasurer’s report

The audited financial statements were distributed with the agenda. Kate explained the report.

Motion: the Treasurer’s report was accepted – Moved Kate, seconded David.

6.       Nominations for the Committee and re-election of committee members

The existing committee  – Mike Connolly (President), Kate Eatts (Treasurer), Ian Pascoe (Secretary), Amy Kane, Andrew Fergusson, David Shores, Jan Shimmin, Gwen Gaff, Rev Mark Dickens, Vanessa Spaans,  Von Stanley was re-elected, there being no other nominations.

Mike Connolly is willing to stand as President until someone is found – Unanimously agreed

Kate Eatts is willing to stand as Treasurer – Unanimously agreed

Ian Pascoe is willing to stand as Secretary – Unanimously agreed

7.       Other business

Suggested changes to constitution was distributed with the agenda.

Motion: These changes be incorporated into the Constitution – Unanimously agreed

Membership fees to remain the same.

Community Park – update. There was a general discussion about approaches to NPSP Council and the federal Bureau of Meteorology to acquire the land through donation or gifting.  KTRA also suggested we have short term access to the land until it is sold. Steven Marshall and James Stevens have supported our approaches to local and federal bodies. So far, none of these effiorts have beensuccessful. Discussion included approaching the Minister for the Environment, Tanya Plibersek and also about possible uses of Hardmann Park if it was made safer for children and dog walkers.

Meeting closed at 12:25 PM