Hardman Gardens

Hardman Gardens at the corner of Fullarton Road & Flinders Street, Kent Town

The reserve land at the intersection of Fullarton Road, Flinders Street and the Parade West is known as ‘Hardman Gardens’. It takes its name from the Hardman family. Thomas Hardman was an upholsterer and he and his wife Eliza (nee Rollinson) and family lived at what was formally known as 45 Kent Terrace, Kent Town.

The surviving daughters of Thomas and Eliza Hardman were Mabel Hardman (1885-1968) she was described as ‘Home duties’ in Council Rate assessments and other documentation. She had a son named Clement Hardman. Her sister Lily Hardman (1888-1976) never married but was a well-known milliner. Both sisters resided at 45 Kent Terrace, Kent Town, and so the association between name and place arose.

Part of the land was acquired by the Commissioner of Highways in October 1972 for road widening and later the home was demolished. The former Corporation of the City of Kensington & Norwood formally acquired the title to the land which is now Hardman Gardens in October 1975.