Kent Town Brewery – Part 1

The Kent Town Brewery – State Heritage Place Number 10268


Sometime around 1860 Logue took Edwin Thomas Smith on as a partner. Logue died in 1865; his will would be the subject of a legal dispute. Smith continued operating the business, which he renamed Kent Town Brewery, and two years later was its proprietor. The cellars were enlarged in 1868.

Kent Town was subjected to another major flooding in July 1873, which did considerable damage to nearby properties, but apart from minor incursion into the cellars and some undercutting of the foundations the brewery was unaffected.

Smith contracted Thomas English as architect for new premises, completed in 1876 at the nearby corner of Rundle Street and Dequetteville Terrace. Brown & Thompson were the builders. He also had nine workmen’s cottages built at the rear of the premises by contractor Dickin.

1888 takeover

In 1888 the South Australian Brewing, Malting, and Wine and Spirit Company (later South Australian Brewing Company) was formed to take over the assets of The Kent Town Brewery, West End Brewery and Rounsevell & Simms’s wine and spirit business.