November in the Community Garden

On the last Sunday in November we met to continue with summer planting and do some maintenance in the garden. John Phillips, a resident at Eldercare’s College Green retirement village recently donated an outdoor  garden setting to the Community Garden. The SA CWA were happy for us to set it up in the courtyard and it looks very welcoming. We thank John for his generosity.

This month we planted snake-bean seeds that David bought at Sophie Thompson’s Open Garden day and David built a rustic frame for the beans to climb on. We also planted some corn around the edge of the bean patch.

We are having trouble with slugs eating the strawberries so we’re trying a natural remedy – beer traps. The slugs climb in and drown in the beer and we are catching plenty of them!

The carrot and coriander seeds planted a month ago are up and, as usual, there is a lot of spinach, silver beet and lettuce ready to be picked.

The annual KTRA Christmas party will be held at the garden on Sunday Dec 19th (please register on the website) and there will be tomatoes ready for picking by then and some strawberries. The Christmas party is free and open to all. BYO drinks and chairs.