KTRA Report Card 2020/21

 KTRA Report Card 2020/21.

The KTRA Inc was formed in 2019.

Who we are, our values, reasons and priority actions for Kent Town, are explained in the KTRA-produced A Liveable Kent Town: Our Plan (2019).

Before 20/21 we:

In 20/21 we have:

At present we are doing:


  • Tree plantings: After unsuccessfully seeking NPSP Council participation in applying in 2021 for State Government Green funding for tree plantings on the three perimeter roads surrounding Kent Town in 2022, we are actively investigating other funding options.
  • Kent Town Community Park: We are attempting to negotiate jointly with NPSP Council, SA Government and Federal Government to convert vacant Government land in College Rd to a community park.
  • Mapping trees in PAC project commenced with a UniSA GIS Intern, Year 10 Geography students and staff for completion in 2021.
  • Mapping trees in Dr Kents Paddock, by KTRA for completion in 2022.

Community Development

  • A ‘Kent Town Proud’ project to report about things to be improved in Kent Town, where an app has been developed by UniSA students with KTRA for residents, businesses & visitors. For completion in 2021.
  • An Age Friendly Kent Town project about livability things needed by older Kent Town residents & visitors, has commenced with UniSA Social Work students. For completion in 2021.


  • Historic buildings in Kent Town: a self-guided tour project, where an app has been developed by UniSA students with KTRA. Prototype for completion in 2021. This tour will be based on details from State and Local heritage Places in Kent Town and Historic Walks and Buildings in Kent Town

Art in Kent Town

  • Street Art in Kent Town: A self-guided tour project, has commenced based on the Little Rundle Street Art Project (2016). Data collection is underway using an app developed by UniSA students with KTRA. For completion in 2022
  • Stobie Pole Art in Kent Town: A self-guided tour developed by UniSA students with PAC art staff and students and the KTRA project, is awaiting funding. We have applied unsuccessfully twice to the NPSP Council for support. Hoping to commence pilot project in 2021.


Social activities

We are aiming in 21/22 to:

  • Kent Town data: to announce a ‘Help Yourself’ -type project in November 2021 where data about every street in Kent Town will be available on the KTRA Website to assist interested residents and businesses to initiate projects in their own streets/communities. The KTRA will advise, support, and provide auspice help if needed.
  • Commence liaising with NPSP about a Local Area Traffic Management Plan this year to address many safety issues identified in A Liveable Kent Town: Our Plan.
  • In the coming Federal, State and Local Government elections, seek and publicise the views of candidates about Kent Town needs and pledges to address them.
  • Seek funding for an Adelaide Symphony Orchestra Concert.
  • Build closer relationships with Kent Town businesses.

For more information please contact:

Dr Dave Baker,

President, ktra.net,                  


0418 891 807

Kate Eatts,

Committee member, ktra.net,


0411 757 516