May Meeting


Last Sunday, 30th May our community gardening group met at the garden to do some tidying up. We pulled up the fennel (no bulbs had formed, just lots of roots) and planted some more baby broccoli. There is still lots and lots of basil and Jane took some to donate to Pan ‘n’ Vine on King William St. (Great pizza if you haven’t tried it yet)

The broccoli is going well as are the chillies. The broad bean seeds David planted a few weeks ago are up and growing strongly. The gooseberry is flowering, so who knows, maybe we’ll get gooseberries!

We’d love some more Kent Town residents to join us at the monthly “working” bees – last Sunday of each month at 1:30. In the meantime, please visit the garden and pick some basil, broccoli, chillies, sage, thyme…there’s plenty to share. The garden is easy to find – between Angas St and Little Angas St, one block back from Dequetteville Terrace, at the back carpark area of the CWA. (It can’t be seen from Angas or Little Angas – walk in to where the cars are and you’ll see it.)



2 thoughts on “May Meeting

  1. Elaine Rischbieth

    I will join the gardening group after June.
    Cheers Elaine

  2. Kathleen Eatts Post author

    Great, we look forward to seeing you when you’re ready Lainie.

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