November 1st update

Last Sunday 7 gardeners gathered to work in the Community Garden. We picked beetroot (and there is some ready for others to pick) removed lettuce and chinese broccoli which had run to seed and planted more tomatoes, capsicum and basil. We also put in seedlings of lebanese cucumber, butternut pumpkins (ready for next winter!) and a rhubarb. KTRA President Dave and SACWA State President Ros joined us for a drink and chat at the end of the get-together. Our next “meeting/working bee” at the garden will be Sunday 29th November at 1:00pm. We are going to try meeting on the last Sunday of the month rather than the first Sunday as that seems to clash with Mothers Day, Fathers Day, and long weekends. At the next meeting we will work out a routine for watering over summer so any new helpers will be very welcome.  Kate

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