KTRA Community Garden Progress Report

The three wicking beds purchased by KTRA (from Adelaide Hills Veggie Gardener) arrived on June 19th and were put in place at the back of the SA CWA premises on Dequetteville Terrace. The following weekend a group of volunteers set up the beds ready for planting

Photo: Mark and David set our boxes



The Community Garden group have varying levels of availability so we plan to work collaboratively and individually on the garden, sharing planting, maintenance and produce, as we are able. We will all meet on the first Sunday of each month at 1:00pm at the Garden to review what’s happening and plan what to do next.

Photo: The soil arrives


If you’re interested in joining the KTRA Community Garden group (currently 9 members) please come along to the SA CWA – our next meeting is Sunday 2nd August at 1:00pm and have a look at what we are doing. You can register your interest in advance using the form below.

Photo: Steven, Isabel and Dave filling beds